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"Jan Duke presented her company in a very courteous and professional manner from the first phone conversation through the entire sales process. The first time I sat down with Jan and Derek, the comfort level for wanting to do business was present.  In business, both the Buyer and Seller have to be comfortable to complete a transaction.  Duke Homes is a first class company."

Mark S.

"Friendly personal service. No pressure or hassle. Very nice people!"

Delores G.

"No pressure...very helpful."

Robert G.

"I knew I was dealing with quality! Not only in materials, labor and workmanship, but in motives, thought and preparation."

Peter & Cricket W.

"The process was painless."

Ben & Kristen P.

"Jan Duke is the most professional and accommodating lady whose talent is truly a God-given, and would be an asset for anyone, anywhere, anytime."

Tony C.

"Pleasant people; straight, honest communication; professional but friendly; excellent follow through."

Vern & Marie K.


"Thank you for the courteous and friendly were out to make your customer happy."

Michelle & Chris L.

"Instant sale of our home - No headaches."

Tammo & Ilse K.

"The whole process of buying a property with Duke Homes went very smoothly - from signing of contract to closing."

Dave B.

"I want you to know that having you was one of the best experiences of our life. You were so kind, and I can't tell you how much being able to stay in the house until our condo was ready meant to us. I want to thank you for all you did for us, Bill and I hope you and Kyla will continue to reap your just rewards in the future. You are both very nice people and it was a pleasure to have you both in our life."

Jo & Bill B.

"You gave me a break...Before I met you I felt knee-high to a grasshopper, now I need weights around my ankles to keep me on the ground. Thanks again for showing up in my life when you did."

Joe K.

"Jan is a class act. She takes care of her people like no one else does."

Sharon M.

"The sale contract that all real estate agents dream of - an all-cash contract which can close in 10 days or less.  My seller was anxious and in need of a fast close.  Jan was knowledgeable, compassionate and a person of her word.  My Seller and I went to closing with the Seller's dignity in place.  I truly look forward to the next deal with Jan Duke!  Jan is a pleasure to work with and has an excellent good spirit."

Jan H., Broker Sale Person

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