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Building Houses in Developing Countries

At Duke Homes, we believe home is the dearest place on earth. That's why we take great pride in not only helping others sell or buy homes locally but in helping to construct homes for people around the globe. While renovating homes in the St. Louis area, we carefully recycle and repurpose materials by donating them to Habitat for Humanity. There, items are sold in their ReStore and proceeds are used to build homes around the world. View photos below of some of the projects we've had the privilege of being a part of around the world and our newest project we just completed!

Join us for our next house build in Mexico 2023!

Mexico - December 2017
Mexico - January 2016
Dominican Republic - May 2014
Haiti - May 2014
Mexico Build - January 2014


Mexico Build - December 2011
Mexico Build - December 2010
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